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About Hours: If there is no one around by 8pm on weeknights, the volunteer staff is free to leave, so be sure to arrive by 8pm. There should be no problem getting in, as the front door is equipped with a buzzer system for post-business hours.

1001 SE Division St
Portland, Oregon
97202 USA

(503) 827-0249  |  info@iprc.org

Recent Zines

June 2013: Ron Nugent’s My Father Died All in One Day


­­­The Zine, “My Father Died All In One Day:  “This is my first zine.  The story is part of a much larger piece that I wrote about growing up in the 50’s.  Unfortunately, most of the rest of what I wrote is not very interesting.  This piece is about the impressions of a six year …

April 2013: James Michael Williams’ White Male Neurosis

“The idea for the zine White Male Neurosis came to me when I was eating breakfast at a coffee shop and this weird drunken homeless woman was getting way too close to me.  I suddenly had this flashback in my mind to when I was a boy and I would arrange all of the cereal …

March 2013: Ian Sundahl’s Social Discipline #6


Ian Sundahl is a painter, comic artist, filmmaker and actor who has lived in Eugene, Reno, San Francisco and currently resides in Portland, OR.
“I like to think of Social Discipline as a compendium of the graphic work I have been doing.  I don’t sit down and try to create the magazine, but rather it collects …

February 2013: Artnoose’s Ker-Bloom! #97


Artnoose started letterpress printing Ker-bloom! in the summer of 1996 and has been doing so every other month ever since. She writes about her life, and as such, her zine has become a history in installments. In 2007 she relocated operations from Oakland CA to Pittsburgh PA in search of less expensive living. She currently …

January 2012: Justin Jorgensen’s Cop Dad #1



“Artist/Designer Justin Jorgensen’s first zine was printed around 1984 in his father’s office in Fargo, North Dakota. Sticker collecting was the theme. Nearly 20 years later Jorgensen continues to include stickers (and a mid-80’s aesthetic) in COP DAD, his new non-fiction zine inspired by memoir and first-person true stories. Currently living in Los Angeles, Jorgensen designs for theme …

November 2012: Ben Bush’s “Awake 2 Worlds Unfolding”


“When it comes to Existential Dilemma Comix, truth in humor’s garb is the name of the game. It has taken me years to get comfortable with storytelling and ink slinging. I am more or less proud of the book you hold (aside from that perpetually intermittent self-doubt).
‘Awake to Worlds Unfolding’ is a compilation of work …

October 2012: Lillie Craw’s “Meet Party Twink!”

party twink!-1


Lillie Craw is a DIY poet from all over this big country.  She is a recent graduate of the IPRC’s Poetry Certificate Program.  She likes being a dog mom.  And all things screepy (sweet+creepy).  Like saint candles.  And opossums.
“Meet Party Twink!” is her debut poetry saga, featuring non-demonic possession and cute gay animals even Ted …

August 2012: Krissy Durden’s Paper Crush #4

Paper Crush No. 4

Krissy Durden made her first zine at the age of 29. She’s been making zines for the last 18 years. In 2000, she moved to Portland and became a part of the IPRC and the local zine scene. She lives in SE Portland. She still loves the rain.
To see more of Durden’s work visit her etsy shop.

June 2012: Rio Safari’s Play It, Make It


Why pay to play games? Play It, Make It is a simple guide to DIY games you can play with friends. All that you need to play these punk parlor games is some friends, a minimum of materials, and kickass creativity. Eight games are outlined in the zine (including sample cards for one about dinosaurs …

December 2011: Alexander Barrett’s This is Portland


“I’ve been living in Portland, Oregon for 8 months.  Before I moved here, everyone told me it was the best city ever.  When I asked them why, they couldn’t be specific.  I heard a lot of: ‘It just is.’
This is my attempt to be specific.
Not all of the things listed here are exclusive to Portland, …