BI/POC Artist & Writer Residency

2023-2024 Re/source Residents

Ami Patel
Ami Patel (she/her) is a queer poet who is working on a poetry manuscript, much of which explores grief. During her re/source residency, she will host writing and zine-making workshops for QTBIPOC parents who’ve experienced pregnancy loss, child loss, infertility, and/or grief in their family-making journey.

Christina Martin
During their residency at the IPRC, Christina Martin (she/they) will be embarking on a research-based print publication, experimenting with techniques offered by IPRC such as mono-printing, letterpress, and RISO. They envision crafting a hand-bound publication centered around themes of identity, intersectionality, borders, and their Mexican heritage, culminating in a gallery showcase. In addition, they will be extending their “Vital Community RISOs” poster project; collaborating with marginalized artists to create impactful RISO-printed posters for community-building and information dissemination.

De-canon (Dao Strom & Jyothi Natarajan)
De-Canon is a library art + social practice + publishing project that centers works by BIPOC writers and artists. In 2023-24, De-Canon will use the IPRC re/source residency to make a pamphlet series that documents our ways of disrupting and reimagining how we read and interact with literature. Our residency project will also connect to a forthcoming anthology of hybrid-literary works by BIPOC women and nonbinary writers.

Ella Ray
Ella Ray (she/they) is a sister, friend, and an auntie based in Portland, Oregon. From 9 am to 5 pm she works as an arts writer and editor, art historian, and library worker. Through a critical writing and research practice guided by black feminist frameworks and homegrown archival methodologies, Ray seeks to honor black femme communication patterns and their corresponding visual and sonic representations. During this residency Ray will work on “Sumatriptan,” a spiral bound, riso printed collection of interviews and essays about black disability, chronic illness, and pain. This project is a strategy against isolation and a disruption of individualism.

Hanna Trejo
Hanna (they/she) is a queer painter, DJ, photographer, designer and social worker. They will be working on a compilation of emotional regulation and coping skills worksheets, based on dialectical-behavioral, trauma-informed, and strengths-based therapy styles, as well as their experiences within mental health, while being the daughter of Venezuelan and Korean immigrants. These worksheets will be used as materials for community workshops around the intersection of art, healing, and mental health.

mononymously named, maximiliano (they/them), is an afro-chicanx experimental artist exploring the intersection of spirituality & technology through the lens of Black Nihilist Futurism. The will be working on: ANDROIDS IN THE TOWER : niveaux de gris
a Black diasporic contemporary parable that serves as a mirror to our current ecological concerns while offering a space for dreaming, pleasure, and ancestral remembering.


re/source residency
is designed specifically to support artists and writers of color to develop their art practice and share with the wider community. Residents will have full access to IPRC facilities (letterpress, screenprint, riso, and more!), as well as work time and mentorship from local riso and design collective nün studios. 

We encourage individual artists, writers, and groups to apply. 6 artists/projects will be selected to be in residence from September 2023-2024 and will each receive a $4,000 stipend. We’re especially interested in individuals who cross disciplines, are unafraid of experimentation & collaboration, and whose work exhibits a strong perspective. Applicants interested in community- based projects are especially encouraged to apply.

2023 Call for Proposals Open May 18th-June 25th APPLY HERE

2022 Re/source Residency Recipients

Kevyn Way: they/them @_andwewrite

Kevyn is a writer and storyteller who centers narratives from Black & QTPOC people. As a Black, queer, gender expanisve, adoptee, they found new ways to step deeper into themself by building intentional community. While working with the IPRC over the next year, Kevyn will be hosting creative writing workshops for queer and transgender/gender nonconforming adoptees of color! With the intention of creating safe(r) creative spaces for us, by us, to connect, reflect and most importantly have fun!

Colectivo Mamuri
Gisela Rodriguez she/her/they/them @lainti_raymi
Norka Paz she/her @knorke_leaf
Jaime Rodriguez he/him

Norka, Gisela, and Jaime are scientists, artists, and educators who, as part of Colectivo Mamuri, will be working on Bichos Sagrados, an interdisciplinary project rooted in indigenous epistemologies to share stories of the relationships between insects and indigenous communities from Bolivia.

Jennifer Perrine any pronouns @jenniferperrinewrites

Jennifer is a writer, educator, and the author of four books of poetry: Again, The Body Is No Machine, In the Human Zoo, and No Confession, No Mass. They will be working on Dead Ends, a branching-narrative memoir that explores a year in their childhood when they and their mother lived on stolen money and under assumed identities, and their subsequent twenty-five-year estrangement.  Through the IPRC residency, they plan to create several ways for audiences to engage with excerpts from the memoir: as handmade books that allow readers to physically unfold different paths through the story and as letterpress broadsides installed in public labyrinths where readers can move through a maze of narrative choices.

Luna Enriquez she/her @salamisandals

Luna Enriquez is an Indigenous multimedia artist from Northern California, living and working in Portland. Her work is influenced by the Dada movement, Indigenous Futurism, DIY punk art, advertising, and propaganda. During her time at the IPRC, she will be putting together a collaborative zine with other Indigenous creatives and making risograph prints inspired by their stories!

Marissa Yang Bertucci she/her @marissayangbertucci

Marissa Yang Bertucci is a writer, multidisciplinary artist, and counselor. Her work is interested in honoring grief with a blunt account of memories and conversations, capturing love and ancestry in illustrated recipes, and the somatic rhythms of physically making stuff. Her current project uses writing and illustration to display jesa, the food arranged on Korean ancestral worship altars, grief totem creation, resource sharing about the political and material realities of end-of-life care, and holding healing space (FEAST OF SPIRITS) for QT/BIPOC youth and adult grief processing.


2021 Residency Recipients

Gillian: she/they @babygotbackpack
Gillian Herrera is a writer and textile artist who will be creating a book that explores themes of abolition, indigenous anarcho-communism, spirituality, and racial identity. For her public component, she will be collaborating with other artists to organize a mutual aid fair.

Vaughn: she/her @thebrownalice
Vaughn Kimmons is a multidisciplinary artist who celebrates Blackness as the cosmic source of sacred inspiration and gives voice to the connective power of shared human nuance. She will be working on a poetry chapbook, titled “A Guide to Giving a Fuck About Yourself: The Saga”. The chapbook will be the first installment of a three part project titled, “The Feast of the Tide” that will also eventually include virtual performance, a limited run of hand painted items, and a performance art piece presented as a short film.

Nia: she/her @niamusiba
Nia Musiba is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and educator. Inspired by Black Panther Party Newspapers, Nia will be creating an independent art newsletter that explores how communities are formed without direct physical contact.

Busybody: @bzy.bdy
Busybody is a collective whose mission is to give Black and brown artists an opportunity to realize the passion projects that they might otherwise have put aside out of concern for their financial and/or cultural feasibility. They will be launching the second issue of their submission based magazine which is also called “Busybody”, inviting participating artists to collaborate in the production process through open hours and free workshops.

Antonia: they/them @n0palitx
David: he/she/him/her @dftapknu
Mai: they/them @almondm1lk
Maia: she/her @sad.cumbias

Inheritance members Antonia Silva, Mylena Panelli, David Paz-Mendoza, and Maia Vásconez-Taylor share house, passions, interests, joys, and hardships. They will be redirecting generation inheritance to a place of abundance and beauty by making a life size Loteria game board. Inheritance is excited to be hosting a number of community events during the summer, working with [Cafe Zamora](, Friends of Seasonal and Service Workers, as well as the Western Farmworkers Association.

2020 Residency Recipients

Salimatu Amabebe (@salimatuamabebe) is a chef and an artist. They’ll be working on a project called Black Convenience, which reimagines the food packaging of a minimart to celebrate Black history and lineage.

Laura Medina (@lil___lau) y Angela Saenz (@angelamareesaenz) are artists and educators who will be collaborating on an interactive multimedia publication for their project, Maracuya con Leche.

Jessica Mehta (@bookscatsyoga) is an interdisciplinary artist and poet working at the intersection of digital media. She’ll be working on emBODY poetry, a project that incorporates both VR and screen printed objects.

Paulina Ramirez (@lapaushi) is a visual artist and DJ who will be working on a zine project about music, race identity, politics, as well as the workshop series Escuelita de la Memory.

Susan Sondheim is an artist and writer. She’ll be creating an illustrated zine with essays about the Burgerville Workers Union (BVWU).

And Melanie Stevens (@brownivyx) is a writer and artist who will create the textile installation If You’re Watching This It’s Too Late, and the corresponding 10-Part graphic mini-zine horror/historical series Retribution.

2019 Recipients

jayy dodd

Jasmin Oya

Crystal Thomas

Patricia Vazquez Gomez

Intisar Abioto, Bruce Poinsette, Analise Smith, & Sharita Towne in collaboration.

The Residency Program is supported primarily by the Meyer Trust, as well as the Regional Arts & Cultural Council, and James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation.