February 2014: Gina Altamura, Vivian Hua and Rachel Hays’ We Will Outlive Our Current Concerns



Gina Altamura resides in Portland, Oregon with her cat Žižek. She manages the pop-R&B group Shy Girls and curates interdisciplinary arts programming at Portland nightclub Holocene. A pop culture fanatic and impassioned aesthete, she is compelled by the philosophical implications of emergent musical trends and in drawing philosophical parallels across genres, eras, and disciplines. Friend her on Facebook for a healthy dose of unbridled enthusiasm.

Vivian Hua is the Editor-in-Chief of REDEFINE magazine, as well as a master of globetrotting for free and evading traditional 9-to-5 work schedules. She enjoys observing human idiosyncrasies perhaps more than anything and is a magnet for homeless people (a joy) and bug bites of all types (absolutely terrible). Marshmallows – while not really food – are one of her favorite foods, especially if they are freezered, stale, or fire-toasted. She doesn’t want to space travel, really, which is an unpopular view these days.  Her design work, astrological chart, and other crap can be seen at www.inallthings-patterns.net.

Rachel “RAH” Hays lives in Brooklyn, NY with her two beloved rescued dogs, a Dalmatian named Joey and a Pit named Audrey. She is a comic artist and illustrator specializing in ornate hand-drawn lettering, view her work at http://www.rachelhays.com/. She also writes and performs folk music under the moniker Golden Spun.

Photo by Shawn Patrick Higgins