May 2014: Maranda Elizabeth’s Real Life: A Magical Guide to Getting Off the Internet


Maranda Elizabeth is a writer, zinester, daydreamer, homebody, weirdo, genderqueer, twin, introvert, witch, Crazy, killjoy/buzzkill, bridge-burner, broke-femme, high school dropout, forever fuck-up, disabled, recluse, recovering alcoholic. They write about mental health & illness, self-care, support & $upport, genderqueerosity, friendship, language, writing & creativity, recovery, sobriety, embracing weirdnesses, finding & making a home, jealousy, boundaries, communication, anti-oppression or fuck off, the illusion of community, angry feelings, magic & witchypunxclub & Tarot, poverty & broke-life, writing & art-making as work, creating meaningful days while experiencing mental illnesses that they wanna learn how to live with not how to get rid of, etc. THEY pronouns only.

Maranda has been making zines for over a decade. They recently published an anthology of their work, ‘Telegram: A Collection of 27 Issues’ with Mend My Dress Press, and self-published their queer young adult novel, ‘Ragdoll House’. More of Maranda’s work is at,,, & @marandatelegram on Twitter.