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July 2010: Katherina Audley’s Whoosh! #2

If there were such a certification, Katherina Audley would be a certified whale nut. She has traveled the length of North, Central and South America in order to get close to whales. She writes Whoosh! to get people excited about whales with the hope that it will wake them up and generate passion about this […]


June 2010: Lacey Prpic Hedtke’s Likes Dislikes

Lacey Prpic Hedtke came into zine-making by way of photography.  She’s self-published 7 zines and isn’t stopping anytime soon. When she’s not plotting and planning for her next self-publishing venture, she is a grantwriter, sex educator, photography instructor, hula hooper, musician, librarian and dog momma. She edits and contributes to LIBREAS Library Ideas, Information for […]


May 2010: Derek Neuland’s All Things Ordinary #1

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Derek has been reading and making zines since 1995.  He moved to Portland in April 2009 in hopes to be a bigger part of the zine community.  He is an organizer for the Portland Zine Symposium and blogs about non-alcoholic vegan drinks at


April 2010: Nate Orton and James Yeary’s My Day Walking From Mt. Tabor To The Zoo

In 2004, the My Day Zine began as an outlet for Nate Orton to feel a better sense of connection to his new city-life in Portland, Oregon.  Nate draws and transcribes what he sees and hears while walking for an entire day through a particular space. These drawings are later arranged into printed book form […]

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March 2010: BT Livermore’s Baby Otto Zeplin #1

BT Livermore was born in Minnesota, and like all Minnesotans is covered head to toe with a downy layer of fur with which to keep warm during the winter. Almost five years ago, he decided to trade in six months of snow for six months of rain and is now living in beautiful Portland, Oregon. […]

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