The IPRC has provided outreach programming to thousands of community members since 1998. Our volunteers and staff implement writing, publishing, book arts, media literacy and other programming to children and adults in the Portland Metro Area.

In addition to giving tours of our Center, we engage in more in-depth outreach projects that serve the local community. We have presented to a variety of ages and grade levels, from elementary schools to colleges and universities, primarily in the Portland Metro Area.

The IPRC is available for lectures and workshops on topics relating to independent press. Any of our regular workshop offerings can be tailored to your group.

For more information on our rates and how to bring a group to the IPRC, or to have the IPRC come to you, please contact our Program Director, Brian Tibbets, at brian@iprc.org or 503-827-0249

The Media Action Project
The Media Action Project (MAP) is a four-session outreach curriculum that teaches youth how to critically deconstruct print ads, television commercials and websites in order to examine their true messages about gender, violence, beauty, consumerism, etc, and to consider how these messages might affect their own sense of self and physical health.

After viewing a film on media literacy, students learn to create their own media in the form of a personal zine–an artful and fun genre with a long tradition of challenging the major media’s authority. Along with enhancing self-esteem and encouraging positive health choices, one of our major goals is to help transform young people from passive consumers of media into more active and engaged creators of media, art, and culture. MAP can be tailored to suit various classrooms and curricula; we currently offer MAP residencies in three separate focus areas: masculinity and media violence; femininity and media constructs of beauty; and consumerism and conspicuous consumption.

With generous support from IPRC member Ron Nugent, in 2011 the IPRC created the Verna Marion Nugent Scholarship Fund and the Joseph Robertson Scholarship Fund. Each year, these scholarships bring the Media Action Project to several schools or other educational venues, free of charge.

“MAP prompted students to examine what they take for granted on billboards, in magazines, on television. It invited them to talk back to the voices that surround them. I watched my students peel back layers of assumptions about themselves and others while we examined media images and messages–they left class freer and more powerful. Thank you MAP and IPRC!”
– Haley Harkema, Roosevelt High School teacher

“The information I learned in the Media Action Project was so valuable to me. It really helped me process my own thoughts on the subject rather than just agreeing with the media and everyone else.”
– Sandra Villegas, age 17, Gateway to College Student

For more information about how the IPRC can bring MAP to your school or youth venue please contact iprcworkshops@gmail.com or call us at 503.827.0249.

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