IPRC’S Mission & Vision

The IPRC’s Mission is to facilitate creative expression, identity and community by providing individual access to tools and resources for creating independently published media and artwork.



Since its inception in 1998 the center has been dedicated to encouraging the growth of a visual and literary publishing community by offering a space to gather and exchange information and ideas, as well as to produce work.


We’ve empowered thousands of people to create and publish their own artwork, writing, zines, books, websites, comics and graphic novels.

In our 18 years of operation, we’ve provided artistic services to upwards of 27,000 Oregonians through membership, use of the Center, workshops and outreach programs. By gathering such diverse people under one roof, the IPRC nourishes an expansive and productive community. In fact the IPRC is at the very heart of Portland’s vibrant do-it-yourself (DIY) artistic and literary communities is a creative home for many local artists, and an incubator for the independent creative spirit that makes Portland unique.

We’ve helped community members find their artistic voices, including youth from underserved communities (in this case meaning: LGBTQIA and youth of color, as well as youth who experience homelessness).

We’ve helped countless individuals to discover themselves through art, and to reach and inspire others in the community by publishing and sharing their work. We’re always looking for volunteers to help our outreach programs.


“It’s been a little more than a year since I stumbled on your magical rooms and they have allowed me to share my work with others, the ultimate goal of the creative process. I finished five books this past year and have more in the works, my kids even want me to start doing cards so who knows. I couldn’t have done it without you. Whenever anyone asks, I tell them ‘Everything I know, I learned at the IPRC.'”
Lance Linder, IPRC member

“The IPRC has been a huge part of what makes living in Portland so awesome!”
Theo Ellsworth, Graphic Novelist and author of Capacity

“The IPRC is a magicland.”
Katy Maehl, IPRC visitor

“The IPRC is kind of like a fairy godmother, only instead of giving one girl a temporary pumpkin carriage and a pair of dangerous shoes, the center gives a whole community of creatives the means to make, print, publish and thrive. That’s a much better use of magic, if you ask me.”
Amanda Huckins, writer and letterpress printer

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