Mission, History, & Vision

The mission of the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) is to provide affordable access to space, tools, and resources for creating independently published media and artwork, and to build community and identity through the creation of written and visual art.



The IPRC began, now 20 years ago, on the second floor of Reading Frenzy bookstore, sparked within the literary and do-it-yourself (DIY) community of Portland. Over the years, the center has been dedicated to encouraging the growth of a visual and literary publishing community by offering a space to gather and exchange information and ideas, as well as to produce work.
We’ve provided artistic services to and empowered approximately 30,000 people to create and publish their own artwork, writing, zines, books, websites, comics, and graphic novels.


By gathering such a diverse group of people under one roof, the IPRC nourishes an expansive and productive community,and is an incubator for the independent creative spirit that makes Portland unique. The IPRC fills the community need of low-cost access to otherwise expensive space, equipment, and materials, and supports artists to create quality, innovative, and experimental work that couldn’t be made elsewhere. We’ve helped community members find their artistic voice, including those from underserved communities – LGBTQIA and youth of color, youth who experience homelessness, adults with disabilities, and makers with low-incomes.

Countless individuals have discovered themselves through art at the IPRC and in our programs, and have reached and inspired others in the community by publishing and sharing their work.


Until recently, leadership at the IPRC has been racially homogeneous, and current staff and board are examining how the organization has contributed to a white status quo in the Portland arts community. We always welcome partnerships and feedback towards improving our community responsiveness and our ability to better serve all artists, writers, and community members.


“It’s been a little more than a year since I stumbled on your magical rooms, and I finished five books and have more in the works. I couldn’t have done it without you. Whenever anyone asks, I tell them ‘Everything I know, I learned at the IPRC.'” –Lance Linder, IPRC member

“The IPRC is one of the most amazing concepts and places I have been in. They offer workshops and access to equipment and general guidance in a friendly and very generous atmosphere.” –Jennifer Randall, IPRC member

“The IPRC has been a huge part of what makes living in Portland so awesome!” –Theo Ellsworth, Graphic Novelist and author of Capacity

“The IPRC gives a whole community of creatives the means to make, print, publish and thrive. “ –Amanda Huckins, Writer and letterpress printer

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