Give to the Wishlist

Support the IPRC by giving money or equipment.

You can support the IPRC by donating money, becoming a member, or donating items on our wishlist below.

Donate to the IPRC!

Email us at if you would like to donate something on our wishlist. The IPRC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization; any in-kind donation you make is tax deductible.

Here are some ways to help the IPRC:
  • We’re looking for new board members who have experience with development and fundraising.
  • Table top or industrial perfect binding machines
  • A matching set of five comfortable office chairs for the computer lab
  • Flat screen Mac monitors
  • Mac laptops
  • Copier paper and various art supplies
  • Free or discounted advertising space
  • Yeti Costumes (seriously)
Some things that are also on our current wish list are:
  • Scholarships for Low Income Users
  • New/Gently used Mac computers
  • Digital Camera
  • Color Laser Printer
  • Large Format Scanners
  • New Canon copier machine
  • Hand Drill (for bookbinding)
  • Recycled Content Office Paper
  • Specialty/Printmaking Paper
  • Comfy Reading Chairs
  • Large Format Gocco Printer
  • Gocco Supplies

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