Zine of the Month 2014: A Year in Review!



This year we featured some amazing zines for our Zine of the Month Club. From poems to comics to recipes in an assortment of styles, colors, and sizes, we highlighted a smorgasbord from zinesters across the world. Let us know what your favorites were, and what you are looking forward to seeing more of in 2015!

January 2014:  Ross Robbins’ I Want To Say How I Feel And Be Done With It Forever

February 2014: Gina Altamura, Vivian Hua and Rachel Hays’ We Will Outlive Our Current Concerns

March 2014: Liz Yerby’s Moscow Diary

April 2014: Kione Kochi’s Daily Object Daily Document

May 2014: Maranda Elizabeth’s Real Life: A Magical Guide to Getting Off the Internet

June 2014: Emily Tareila’s Recent Rhythms, Frequent Symbols

July 2014: Delphine Bedient’s Home State: Life in Nebraska 

August: Due to transition between ZOM Coordinators There was no August Zine of the Month this year

September 2014: Corina Fastwolf and Matt Monochrome’s Lou Reeder

October 2014: Breanne Boland’s That’s Not Ok.

November 2014: Lady Bee’s Keeper’s Kanzine #3

December 2014: Lily P.’s Queer Sailor Moon Fanfiction Saved My Life

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