Starting The Big Project: A Writing Intensive with Alexis Smith and Carter Sickels

Do you have a compelling idea for a novel or a memoir, but don’t know how to get
started? Maybe you’ve already started, but don’t know how to keep going. Has your
initial excitement turned into fear? Do you feel completely overwhelmed? Co-taught
by two published novelists, this one-day intensive will help you kickstart your writing
project. We’ll explore the many different approaches to writing a book, and encourage
you to discover your own creative process. This hands-on class will get you motivated to
develop characters, craft the shape and storyline of your book, and learn how to balance
the writing process with research, daydreaming, and listening to your characters. As you
start putting your ideas on paper, you’ll be inspired to continue developing your project.
This class is ideal for writers have an idea for a book or a work in progress (this can be a
novel or memoir). Open to all levels.

Co-taught by Alexis Smith, author of Glaciers and Carter Sickels, author of The Evening Hour

$40 members/$55 nonmembers
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