**CANCELLED** Queer Perspective: Writing Intensive with Carter Sickels

The LGBTQ community is rich with identities, experiences, and perspectives. How do
we write about queer experiences that move beyond coming-out or predictable LGBTQ
narratives? This one-day class provides a space for LGBTQ-identified people to write
about their experiences and explore what it means to write from a queer perspective.
We’ll look at writing that complicates the idea of a single LGBTQ narrative, and discuss
what makes a piece of writing queer, with a focus on both fiction and memoir. The
session will include writing prompts and in-class writing, and a chance to share your
work in a supportive environment. This class encourages participants to take risks in their
writing, and welcomes a diversity of voices. Open to writers of all levels. Taught by Carter Sickels
January 20, 11-3pm
$40 members/$55 nonmembers
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