The IPRC @ Portland Art Museum’s Shine A Light!


Shine a Light 2014
JUNE 6th, 6 P.M. – MIDNIGHT (Grand opening eve)
JUNE 7th 10am-5pm

Once again the IPRC has been cordially invited to participate in SHINE A LIGHT at the Portland Art Museum. We will be part of the Book Fair on Friday evening as well as all day Saturday. Please stop by to buy a book, a membership or just to say “Hello!”.

For a complete listing of the weekend’s activities click for a PDF.

About SHINE A LIGHT: “The Portland Art Museum’s popular Shine a Light event returns on June 6. A collaboration with Portland State University’s Art and Social Practice MFA Program, the event features a mix of artist-driven installations, performances, and interventions throughout the Museum campus, offering an exciting opportunity for visitors to reconsider their relationship to art, to engage with the Museum in unexpected ways, and to think about the role of museums in people’s lives in the 21st century.

Now in its fifth year, Shine a Light asks visitors to rethink what is possible in an art museum. Projects for this year’s event include a live radio hour, beer inspired by artwork, arm wrestling with artists, museum karaoke, tarot card readings customized to the Museum’s collection, and interactive performances shaped by the movements of docents, guards, and museum visitors, among many others. One of the hallmarks of Shine a Light is that the majority of artist projects activate gallery spaces and create dialogues with the Museum’s collection in unexpected ways. Shine a Light turns the Museum into a site of art production and practice and not just a space of display. It’s a night of celebration and community that invites visitors to be part of something bigger than themselves. One feels a sense of a collective museum as much as a museum of collections.”

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This event is a partnership between the Education Department at the Museum and Portland State University’s Art and Social Practice MFA concentration.