November 2010: Zachary Scott Hamilton’s Hair Land

“Hair land started out as a series of unsettled, very stifled and unconnected poems, most of which were written inside a house we were squatting near Northeast 32nd street here in Portland near Alberta street. Between that house (which we had built a free wall for grafitti) and the cafe, which one I cannot remember, there were so many. I wrote these few pieces. Book one, is all recent journal entries, “ANNIE” comes from a journal I found while working out of a recycling factory near Troutdale. On the front of the journal there is a rough, and terrible drawing of a dog that looks more to me like a fish with the letters annie written through the eyebrows, almost replacing them. I figured this was a good title for the series of poems that comes after words. And I had even contemplated running off the job and photocopying the title page with the lousy drawing.
Annie is a stream of conciousness display, where I picked up my journal every night, wrote out a word map and set out into the world of my subconcious.
These poems can be read seamlessly, one after the other as one whole poem or each can be observed on its own.
Hair land is a collection of typewriter pieces,(those composed on my typewriter) that I took to, something about these stuck out from the rest of my gaping wound of an inverted pile!(The slush pile of all slush piles…)
I re-wrote these ones, added marks, rearranged and Pluto! There you have it, the place where a monster and friend can flirt.
Outside of Publishing a zine, Ignavia press, Otiliths
Sein Und Werden and the Batshat just put out a few of my poems online and in print. “