October 2010: Erin Fae’s Imaginary Windows

“Miss Erin Fae sends letters, makes little books and zines, tangles her yarn, writes secrets, paints, and likes dipping zinc plates in acid. She has a tendency to use her hands. She’s afraid of drawing, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like trying. The littlest aesthete indulges in water laced with mint ice cubes, tanqueray tonics, absinthe cocktails, copious amounts of tea, and lattes made with exquisite care. She hopes to surprise you.

Miss Fae is a femme, a feminist, and a professional queer.

She’s very fond of books in all shapes, literary tattoos, strange dolls, creepy children, and surrealism

To find out more please visit:
www.faerygrrrl.com or e-mail erinfae@gmail.com”