IPRC Audiozine Vol. Two

audiozine II

during bygone eras, it was impossible to attend readings by nine of the Portland zine universe’s most massive satellites in a single evening. . . in the intimacy of your own sitting room. . . with only you in the audience. you used to have to use up most of your personal resources, time, and brain capacity just to get to a giant smelly room packed wall to wall with noisy children in the hopes that you might glimpse the greatness of only one megastar zinester. friends, you may banish those dark days from your memory, thanks to the IPRC Audiozine. Vol. Two is now available, and it features the voices of Artnoose (Kerbloom!), Bill & Allie Donahue (biff), Paul Nama (Adventures of Corpritboy), Sarah Contrary (Glossolalia), Pete Jordan (Dishwasher), Jazz McGinnis (Camojacket), Aria Joughin (Confessions of an Urban Hillbilly), Dan Hack (The Faithful), and Kate Hass (Miranda), all reading from their own work. Put on headphones and it’s like they’re orating directly into your brain!

available at the IPRC for just $10! Come ‘n get it!Order now!