Check out Oregon History Comics!

I can’t believe we stapled, folded and boxed up Stumptown-ready all 200 copies of the first Oregon History Comic in two hours this week at the IPRC! I think the box of a dozen cupcakes helped. And the long arm staplers.

Oregon History Comics is a project involving a dozen IPRC regulars, including myself, perfect-presser BT Livermore and talented comics teachers John Isaacson and Annie Murphy. Over the next year, in collaboration with the Dill Pickle Club, we’re putting together 10 short comics about Oregon history. 10 comics! 10 illustrators! 10 little-known stories from our local history! It’s a win-win-win.

We have just over 30 days to raise $2,500 to fund the project, via Check out our video (plus a pdf of the first comic!) over at our Kickstarter page, and please consider kicking in a donation yourself to help us get off the ground!