From the Eyes of an IPRC Intern

My name is Natalie and I am the IPRC’s newest foster child (I’ll be interning here for the next 6 weeks)! I’m a literature and theatre student from Bennington College in Vermont (via California) and a longtime proponent of zinemaking.

Although this is only officially my second day at work here, it’s obvious to me that this organization- and likely Portland as a whole- is built off a profound respect for accessibility, in art and even personal relationships. That being said, I plan on posting here regularly to recount any madcap happenings and to give you a fresh glimpse of the IPRC world!

My first project here was to assemble the January/February catalogue. Amanda, resident intern extroardinaire, introduced me to Stan II and Stella, resident temperamental couple/copiers. All of the volunteers I met were quick to show me the ropes as well, and after much copying, folding, and stapling, the zine was completed. Phew.

I’m excited to attend the art opening tomorrow night and will hopefully meet more great people there! If you see a young woman wandering around, occasionally toddling over to Justin or A.M. for a job/joke/reassurance, feel free to introduce yourself and share something about Portland that I should know!