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IPRC Photo Stand-In

Greetings from the new IPRC!

Greetings! It’s my second shift volunteering at the new IPRC. For the past few weeks, I’ve watched the space evolve because certificate program classes were continuing prior to the space opening to the public. Now that the space is open and in action, people are trickling in for the first time and trying to find […]


Half way and time to change!

I can’t believe it’s already half way through the first semester of the comics certificate program! Times flies when you are having fun. Last night was our last class with Nicole (at least for this semester.) We turned in our inked memory comics and shared them with each other. My classmates’ comics turned out great. […]


Memory comics, romance, backgrounds, oh my!

I apologize for the lack of updates from the past couple of weeks. I have been working on projects and getting into the swing of things with the comics program and my life here. But, all is well! I’ve been doing lots of sketches and diary comics (some of which i’ve been posting on my […]

The cover of Julie Doucet's 365 days, a collection of diary comics.

2nd week, comics certificate program!

For those of you reading these entries for the first time, I’m Fiona, an IPRC comics certificate program student, writing about my experience at the IPRC as a student, volunteer, and newbie to Portland. Yesterday was the second class of the comics certificate program. It was just Nicole, as it will be until early November. […]

Comics Certificate Program: First day!

Yesterday was the first day of the IPRC Comics Certificate Program. It was pretty exciting! There are 11 of us in the program, all who are partaking for a variety of reasons. Nicole Georges and Jesse Reklaw are going to be our teachers for the first semester. Nicole will be teaching the first half, Jesse […]

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