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Zine Review: Radical Mycology

We have much to learn from mushrooms, says the just-released zine, Radical Mycology.  Authored by the self-identified Spore Liberation Front, the primer states in its “call to sporulate:” The complex life of mushrooms provides profound and novel examples of networking between different species and environs not exhibited by most other life forms.  These actions show […]

Zine Review: Peterson’s Incident Report Book

A few nights ago I was rifling through the “Work” section of the zine library and came across a little book I have always wished existed. It’s too good to be true: the compiled incident report log from Peterson’s convenience store. I know Peterson’s as the crowded little store you stop in to buy chocolate […]

Review: Know Your Rights! A Restaurant Worker’s Survival Guide

For my first review, I am recommending Know Your Rights!: A Restaurant Worker’s Survival Guide.  This publication was recently published by the Portland Restaurant Workers Association (PRWA), which describes itself as “a community group of workers committed to promoting Solidarity, Support, & Education among food service workers in our city.” The PRWA also recently teamed […]

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