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Liveblogging Raiders of the Lost Archives

12:05 PM. We’re just ankle-deep in cataloguing, with 8 Raiders now representing, and 20 zines now catalogued. Here’s the scarily large load of uncatalogued zines.   Lori D. says “The coffee is delicious. Come on over!” Team Zine LAB, which is currently just one person, is winning with 9 zines catalogued!


Art Opening Tonight: Alyson Provax

Tonight the IPRC is pleased to host the opening of Alyson Provax’s solo exhibit including two of her projects, ‘The Time Wasting Experiments’ and ‘Duration.’ The show begins at 6 PM and continues until 8. Hope to see you there!

Print Camp 2009

This summer’s first Print Camp was a huge success. Each participant learned Letterpress, Relief Printing, Altered Books and Mimeograph. We are hoping to offer a Book Arts Camp in the fall with a focus on creative zine binding. Stay tuned in to find out more. Thanks to Debbie, Dan, Jake, Katie and Ashley for being […]

Zines and the Law

Copyright lawyer  Kohel Haver stopped by tonight to talk us through the zine he made with his daughter, “The Law and the Zine Artist: Free Speech and Copyright.” “I want to teach you how to protect what’s good and also the value of stealing everything in sight,” he said, launching into the basics of what’s […]

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