Book Arts 101 (A two-session class)

Learn how to hand bind all of your book projects yourself. In this two day class held at the IPRC in Portland, you will learn traditional methods of bookbinding, including the multi section all-along stitch, Japanese stab stitch, and saddle stitch. You will learn how to make different types of hard and soft covers as well.
Buy tickets for Book Arts 101 (A two-session class)
$100 for members $150 for nonmembers
(includes all materials and includes a book binding starter kit to take home.)


Self-healing cutting mats

X-acto knives or mat knives

12”-24” metal rulers

Sewing needles

Binder’s thread


Metal awls

Double-sided tape (Nichiban brand)



Book cloth

White glue (Elmer’s)/PVA

Acrylic brayers

Binder clips


Bone folders/scorers

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