Advanced Screenprinting 2

Advanced Screen-printing 2: CMYK + Bitmap + digital and film process

*Preq: must have taken Intro or Advanced Intro to Screen-printing, cannot be taken as training for studio access

*Purchasing at least two personal screens required for this workshop

Description: This workshop will focus on the advanced screen-printing techniques of CMYK and bitmap printing. Participants will work with photographs and learn how to create CMYK and Bitmap films/stencils in Photoshop for the screen-printing process. This class will meet once a week for the month with the first class being spent in the digital classroom. The remaining classes will focus on registration and the printing process for CMYK. Students must come prepared on the first day of class with photographic images at 300 dpi or full color images to scan.


Materials provided/IPRC to acquire: CMYK inks and additives, output printer from Mike?




RC Screen Shop & Supply Company

Website: (link this)

Phone: (503) 972-7911

Address: 4630 SE 26th Ave, Portland, OR 97202

*$25 & up Aluminum framed screens, quality & price recommended


Blick Art Materials

Pearl District/Portland, OR

*For ink, ink additives, registration acetate, paper

*Highly not recommended to purchase screens here, very low quality for price


Terns & Burton Co.

*For register pins (cmyk and high detail registration)


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Cost: $50 members $100 nonmembers