Wordstock Wrap Up 2009!

Whew, what a weekend.

IPRC volunteers and staff spent all of Saturday and Sunday under the cruel lights of the Oregon Convention Center, tabling for annual book revival Wordstock. The crowd at Wordstock is a funny mix ranging from very established literary celebrities to young kids in trenchcoats who tack the moniker “Published Author” onto the front of their name when they introduce themselves.

We explained the IPRC to these passerbys until our voices were hoarse and in the meantime we ate a lot of pretzels. It was the perfect chance to show off the hot new things the IPRC is able to produce thanks to our wonderful perfect binder, the Bindfast 5. Check out this stack of journals created like magic by B.T. Livermore that caught lots of wandering eyes during the festival:

Saturday night was the first real cold night of the year—dark early and windy, too—the perfect setting for our annual costume party fundraiser, the Text Ball. Under the warm lights of Gallery Homeland, dozens of individuals fabulously dressed to the theme of “Novel Idea” mingled, listened to accordion music and completed giant crossword puzzles.

Of all the Novel Ideas in the house (including an adorable DaVinci Cold and two Wrinkle in Times), the top prize ironically went to the lovely Farenheit 451.