Weird Allan Kaprow presents: Public Apology (Karaoke)



Public Apology Karaoke!

Friday, January 23rd 7-9pm

IPRC 1001 SE Division

Free and open to the public

Putting the Public back in Public Apology, a participatory, performative event, participants to enact their own renditions of famous public apologies.

Kind of like karaoke.

Attendees get a chance to take the podium and read their favorite public apology. Here is how the evening will unfold:


Perform Karaoke to an Apologetic song

We’ve made a youtube playlist of some famous apologetic songs. Pick one and give it your best.

Issue your Own Public Apology at the Podium

Use your own written and published apology! This is your moment to get in front of the camera and perform your remittance in public!

Perform Your Own Rendition of a Famous Public Apology

Take the stage to reperform a pre-existing public apology! Utilize the Public Apology Publication or browse the web to find a script for your performance.

Utilize the Public Apology Publication (or browse the web for your favorite apology) as a script for a performance.


Write Your Own Apology for the Newspaper insert

Research suggests that a comprehensive apology includes the following: remorse, acceptance of responsibility, admission of wrongdoing, acknowledgment of harm, promise of future behavior improvement, and offers of repair. Many public [and interpersonal] apologies fall short of these ideals. When writing your own apology, you might consider including these components. Email your own apology to by  8pm to get it included in the insert that we’ll be printing onsite tonight. You can use the computers by the yeti wall.

Pull a Letterpress Print

We’ve compiled a guide for making a good apology in letterpress type. Head over to the type to pull your own copy of the poster.  On the back is our screen print of the saddest, most apologetic puppy. (your welcome!)

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