The Projects: Art Festival at the IPRC

THE PROJECTS is a festival of experimental comics and narrative arts, happening at the IPRC in Portland on October 19-21, 2012.

3 days of workshops, exhibitions, panels, performances, projections and collaborative projects. Introducing experimental artists from comics, animation, and other narrative arts.

The festival is a free event, oriented toward creative process, idiosyncratic expression, and inspiration, leaving behind the flat model of comics as commerce.

Festival guests will each have a small space in which they are free to represent themselves or their collective the way they feel is best. This could be space for an exhibition, muraling, staging a performance, distributing their work, etc. This space will be open to the public, so it can also be the site of a collaborative project.

Guest list (so far)

Austin English

Drippy Bone Books

Jonny Negron

Kevin Hooyman

Le Dernier Cri

Igor Hofbauer

Anna Ehrlemark

Experimental Half-Hour

Panayiotis Terzis

Plink Flojd

Profanity Hill

Sammy Harkham

Alex Chiu

Angie Wang

Matthew Thurber

Lale Westvind

Bwana Spoons


Taleen Kalendarian


WORKSHOPS: Various free workshops on screenprinting, animation, book-making, and more…

PANELS: Conversations with artists and discussions about topics in experimental narrative arts

EXHIBITIONS: Shows at multiple galleries and shops across the city

Friday 6-8pm – Book release and signing with Jonny Negron & Sammy Harkham, Floating World Comics

Saturday 9:30pm – Plink Flojd animation screening, live music by Regular Music and Nice Nice, Hollywood Theater

Sunday 9pm – Closing party curated by Experimental Half Hour, Holocene

SIDE PROGRAM: Projections, animation screenings, performances, and music shows

POP-UP SHOP: You don’t have to sit behind a table – we’ll handle that!

Thanks to our sponsors: IPRC, Ninkasi Brewing Company, Blossoming Louts, Sizzle Pie, Hollywood Theater, Ford Building

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