How to Be Durable in a Digital World

Manifesto Cover
Why, like Portland, is it good to be weird? Are you making the most of what’s different about you? What about your kids? What are you doing to help them discover their own individual interests, aptitudes and quirks? Explore the answers during this special evening hosted by Jenifer Joy Madden—health journalist, well-being advocate, and author of The Durable Human Manifesto . Although The Manifesto   does contain the word revolution, it comes in peace as a declaration of human awesomeness and celebration of  human-only assets– not only our “famous five” senses, but many others, including intuition, compassion, and curiosity. Learn science-based strategies for  how to harness the best of your human nature , rely less on technology, and prepare your kids to be free-thinking, contributing adults.  We’ll also  look at the world through the lens of Portland industrial designer and aspiring durable human, Brian Madden , to see how his curiosity inspires his design sensibilities.
7:30pm Free and open to the public