Spooky Write Off

Halloween is coming up, and the IPRC is hosting another Write-Off. The theme is Ghost Stories–but not as you have ever experienced them before! We are giving you the theme but not the genre. In each competitive round, a new genre will be picked from a hat (ie. an ode, a movie script, how-to, obituary), and contestants will write their brains out–about ghosts, in the given genre under a time limit. Cool prizes go to the contestants who demonstrate the most versatility and originality (and the most screams!).

Moe Bowstern of Xtra Tuf and IPRC director Justin Hocking will co-host the event, and a panel of judges will award prizes for the most terror-ific writing. We can guarantee a very entertaining evening. Participation is open to anyone up for the challenge, and attendance is free and open to all!