Calling Dr. Laura and Pregnant Butch Reading



Join us for a night with A.K. Summers (author of Pregnant Butch) and Nicole Georges (author of the comic zine Invincible Summer), as the two acclaimed graphic artists read from their latest hilarious and poignant comic books.

A.K. Summers began working on Pregnant Butch, a graphic memoir chronicling a neurotic bulldagger’s unique perspective on pregnancy, after the birth of her son in 2005. A longtime artist, Summers is the creator of Negativa: Chicago’s Astute Lezbo Fantasy Mag, and was included in Dennis Cooper’s Discontents: New Queer Writers. Summers lives with her partner and son in Providence, Rhode Island.

Nicole J. Georges is an award-winning writer, and illustrator from Portland, Oregon. Nicole has been publishing the autobiographical comic Invincible Summer since 2000, and has toured the country extensively. Her work has been featured in many publications, including Tin House, Vanity Fair, and

This event is free and open to the public. Please note that there are some adult themes in the presentation.