November 2012: Ben Bush’s “Awake 2 Worlds Unfolding”

“When it comes to Existential Dilemma Comix, truth in humor’s garb is the name of the game. It has taken me years to get comfortable with storytelling and ink slinging. I am more or less proud of the book you hold (aside from that perpetually intermittent self-doubt).

‘Awake to Worlds Unfolding’ is a compilation of work I’ve done outside the parameters of my regular Existential Dilemma books. Most found their way into other zines (predominately Stumptown Underground). “Incarnation Unknown,” formed around an idea I came up with for a zine to memorialize my departed friend Dylan Williams. To the best of my knowledge that publication was never produced, but I wanted to take up the challenge anyhow and do something that dealt with life, death, and a freindship that was cut short. Also included are examples of some of the excercises assigned to me as part of the Certificate Program at the IPRC, which Dylan helped to facilitate. To purchase more minicomix, look for Existential Dilemma on  Also check out”

– Ben Bush