April 2010: Nate Orton and James Yeary’s My Day Walking From Mt. Tabor To The Zoo

In 2004, the My Day Zine began as an outlet for Nate Orton to feel a better sense of connection to his new city-life in Portland, Oregon.  Nate draws and transcribes what he sees and hears while walking for an entire day through a particular space. These drawings are later arranged into printed book form and distributed around Portland. For Nate, drawing while walking is the sincerest way he knows to document being connected to one’s environment.

After producing his first installment, MY DAY ON THE MAX, Nate began inviting friends to join him to collaborate.  James Yeary first joined him for MY NIGHT AT CHOPSTICKS karaoke bar on the night of George W. Bush’s 2007 State of the Union address (the dreaded troop surge speech).

James appropriates texts he finds and hears and examines and deconstructs their meanings, as well as documents the events of the day. My Day has released a dozen issues including WALKING ACROSS PORTLAND, SWAN ISLAND and THE BURNSIDE BRIDGE with plans to continue producing issues far into the future.