Moe Bowstern Reading and Open Mic

Come and watch the amazing Moe Bowstern read from her newest issue of Xtra Tuf.

About Xtra Tuf #6

Moe opens up Xtra Tuf #6 to a wide variety of writers, all talking about one thing: their first year as commercial fishermen and women. For some, it is their first and last season fishing. For others, it is the first in a long line. Regardless of how long they stuck around, their stories are fascinating. It is as though you are given a 160-page peek into a hidden world. A world with its own vocabulary, rituals, culture, and inside jokes. Like the other issues of Xtra Tuf, this is good storytelling.

This event is free and open to the public. There will be an open mic after Moe’s performance.