Message from the Interim Director

Update on the IPRC’s 2017 Transition:

Due to circumstances affecting most of the city, the IPRC has been propelled into a state of change. We are doing the work, putting forth the effort to embrace change and make a better future for our community and our organization. In the months to come we will be saying goodbye to key member of our community, closing the doors of our current location and opening up a temporary pop-up version of the IPRC within the facilities of a partnering organization, locating and transitioning into a new space, and conducting a nationwide search for a new Executive Director.

This month we say goodbye to A.M. O’Malley, a pillar of the IPRC community, whose dedication to this organization is evident in our success at 1001 SE Division. A co-founder of the tremendously successful IPRC Certificate Program, the force behind the IPRC’s outreach program engaging with inmates of local prisons, and a ten-year veteran of the organization, A.M. will be embracing her own set of changes as she moves across country and starts a family. We wish her all the best in the years to come.

Our last month at our SE Division location is July, which is two short months away. We’ll need all of the help, pick-up trucks and team spirit that we can get. Stay tuned for moving updates in the next month. While we continue looking for a long-term location, we have struck a preliminary deal with the team at Milepost 5 to open a temporary pop-up version of the IPRC in their café and chapel theater space for the months between vacating our current home and moving into our new facility. Early programming at Milepost 5 will include our popular Show:Tell summer camp for middle and high school students in July. We hope to eventually provide access to almost all of our current programming and a majority of our current resources in the space at Milepost 5.

Once we’ve located, purchased, improved, and moved into our new facility we will begin a nationwide search for a permanent replacement for A.M. O’Malley in the Executive Director’s chair. It is my hope that my time serving as Interim Executive Director will conclude with the IPRC situated in a stable, long-term, and as close to ideal location as the market will allow, offering its widest and most deeply impactful programming to an ever-growing membership base, with an enthusiastic new leader at the helm.

Brian Tibbetts, Interim Executive Director