Mend My Dress Press Event

Thursday, June 26th at 7pm
@ IPRC: 1001 SE Division
Hosted by Mend My Dress Press: Craven Rock reads from his new book Nights and Days in a Dark Carnival (Mend My Dress, 2014), the first work to deeply examine the world of The Juggalos—the clown-painted subculture that has over the past 20 years has swept across North America and grown large enough to be designated a gang by the FBI.
In the tradition of writers like Hunter S. Thompson and Jon Ronson, Craven Rock spends a debaucherous week as an undercover journalist at The Gathering of the Juggalos, the group’s yearly summer festival. He reports back with hazy recollections, questionable memories, and awkward interviews. All while offering a powerful examination of the class issues, faith, violence, and internal marketing within the culture, and exploring what it says about American culture as a whole.