June 2013: Ron Nugent’s My Father Died All in One Day


­­­The Zine, “My Father Died All In One Day:  “This is my first zine.  The story is part of a much larger piece that I wrote about growing up in the 50’s.  Unfortunately, most of the rest of what I wrote is not very interesting.  This piece is about the impressions of a six year old boy (me) who lost his father suddenly and unexpectedly.  It is very visual and sense oriented as would be the memories of a young boy in a crisis situation.”

About Me:  “I am a 67 year old retired television and internet producer.  I am totally an intellectual product of the Portland Public Schools and The University of Oregon.  I now live in Lincoln, Nebraska with my wife who is a university professor.  My interests are literature, education, and science.  I have traveled much of the world and met many people much more interesting than I am.  Every day is a new learning experience.”

If wishes were fishes:  “I would move back to Portland and live on SE Brooklyn Street between 5th and 6th where you can see about two thirds of Portland.  I would dedicate the rest of my life to writing short stories and searching for the best independent coffee house in Portland.”