July 2014: Delphine Bedient’s Home State: Life in Nebraska

home state cover

“I spent the first eighteen years of my life living in Nebraska.  After leaving the state and moving to the west coast, I found that the knowledge my new friends and peers had of my home state was largely comprised of a few well-worn stereotypes.  Most of them could not have pointed to it on a map.

Home State: Life in Nebraska is my long-overdue reaction to this.  In a series of semi-fictional vignettes I have depicted the Nebraska that I knew, and my upbringing within its borders.  Chronicling both the special and the mundane, this work attempts an honest portrait of the place. “

– Delphine Bedient


Delphine Bedient is a writer and maker currently based in Portland, Oregon.  She publishes her own work under the umbrella name Sincerely Analog, busses tables in a restaurant and works at the public library.  A book of her short fiction, entitled Down and Out on a Yacht was recently published by Two Plum Press.  She likes the color brown, wearing sunglasses and writing in cursive.

See more of Delphine’s work at www.sincerelyanalog.com.