Introducing the IPRC’s 2021 Artists in Residence


We are overjoyed to introduce the 2021 Artists in Residence:

Gillian: she/they, [@babygotbackpack](
Gillian Herrera is a writer and textile artist who will be creating a book that explores themes of abolition, indigenous anarcho-communism, spirituality, and racial identity. For her public component, she will be collaborating with other artists to organize a mutual aid fair.

Vaughn: she/her, [@thebrownalice](
Vaughn Kimmons is a multidisciplinary artist who celebrates Blackness as the cosmic source of sacred inspiration and gives voice to the connective power of shared human nuance. She will be working on a poetry chapbook, titled “A Guide to Giving a Fuck About Yourself: The Saga”. The chapbook will be the first installment of a three part project titled, “The Feast of the Tide” that will also eventually include virtual performance, a limited run of hand painted items, and a performance art piece presented as a short film.

Nia: she/her, [@niamusiba](
Nia Musiba is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and educator. Inspired by Black Panther Party Newspapers, Nia will be creating an independent art newsletter that explores how communities are formed without direct physical contact.

Busybody: [@bzy.bdy](
Busybody is a collective whose mission is to give Black and brown artists an opportunity to realize the passion projects that they might otherwise have put aside out of concern for their financial and/or cultural feasibility. They will be launching the second issue of their submission based magazine which is also called “Busybody”, inviting participating artists to collaborate in the production process through open hours and free workshops.

Antonia: [@n0palitx](
David: [@dftapknu](
Mai: [@almondm1lk](
Maia: [@sad.cumbias]( and [@maia.irl](

Inheritance members Antonia Silva, Mylena Panelli, David Paz-Mendoza, and Maia Vásconez-Taylor share house, passions, interests, joys, and hardships. They will be redirecting generation inheritance to a place of abundance and beauty by making a life size Loteria game board. Inheritance is excited to be hosting a number of community events during the summer, working with [Cafe Zamora](, Friends of Seasonal and Service Workers, as well as the Western Farmworkers Association.