How to Put Barcodes on 1000 Zines and Have Fun

The IPRC’s large zine library archives an expansive collection of zines that date back to the 1950’s. Unfortunately, our zine check-out system, a paper and pen method, is practically as antiquated as our oldest zines.

In an effort to bring the library into the next century, we have been barcoding all of our zines to integrate with our shiny new catalog that we have been quietly implementing for the past year. Unfortunately, putting barcode stickers on thousands of zines is rather boring. It’s best done in large groups of people with ample conversation. Luckily, we had 15 great volunteers that turned out at Beer & Barcodes on Wednesday, August 21, to help put barcodes on our last 1000 catalogued zines.

Beer and Barcodes at the IPRC

So, we turned to our friends at Migration Brewing and Captured By Porches to provide delicious beverages to help fuel our kind alphabetizing-and-stickering volunteers.

Beer and Barcodes at the IPRC

There was a lot of paper to shuffled.

Beer and Barcodes at the IPRC

Beer and Barcodes at the IPRC
At one point, yours truly, a slightly frazzled zine librarian, had misplaced the stack of “S” zines. One awesome volunteer found them- under the “R” zines. And she won a trophy!
I Found the Damn "S" Zines Merit Badge

Thanks great volunteers who turned out to help us barcode 1000 zines in less than 3 hours, and thanks to our lovely sponsors Migration and Captured By Porches.

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