CONTENT: A Publication Party

CONTENT is the first event of its kind during Design Week Portland, celebrating the unique independent publishing community in Portland. This publication party will showcase 20 tables filled with printed content created by a wide variety of designers, writers, and makers. Although the digital age can make design feel fleeting, the purpose of this gathering is to promote the lasting, tangible effects of the printed object. Come peruse and purchase printed wares in a festive atmosphere and experience first-hand the distinctive printed matter that forms the intersection of the Portland design and publishing communities.

Participants include:

Little Otsu
Future Tense Books
Burnside Review
Tavern Books
Publication Studio
Press Gang / Floating World Comics
Perfect Day Publishing
Sparkplug Comics
Scout Books
Eberhardt Press
Microcosm Press
Oregon Arts & Letters
Octopus Books / Poor Claudia
Know Your City

Musical Guest: Nick Jaina


this is a collaboration between Pinball Publishing and the IPRC



Pinball Publishing is a Creative Publishing Company founded in 2002.
Our bright yellow Southeast Portland headquarters include an integrated printing plant, design studio, editorial offices, and book manufacturing facility. Fueled by a passion for ink, paper, and collaboration, Pinball powers Scout Books, its editorial arm Good Ink, and Made by Outpost, a sign making division. With all of these endeavors, we use 100% recycled papers, vegetable-based inks, and renewable energy sources.Over the past decade, the Pinball team has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of amazing people and businesses all over the world, and logged thousands of hours producing our library of projects.Our ultimate goal is the manufacture of beautiful, meaningful things. 
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