March 2010: BT Livermore’s Baby Otto Zeplin #1

BT Livermore was born in Minnesota, and like all Minnesotans is covered head to toe with a downy layer of fur with which to keep warm during the winter. Almost five years ago, he decided to trade in six months of snow for six months of rain and is now living in beautiful Portland, Oregon.
He has been self-publishing comics and art books consistently since 2005, and has recently started his own small press imprint, Banner Year Press. His books include: Mustaches: For Fun and Profit, The Life & Times of Baby Otto Zeplin, Business Casual, and FADGE. Keep an eye out for the next volume of Baby Otto, as well as two new books from Banner Year Press: BEARFIGHT! and B is for Beard, all coming in the near future.
BT’s illustration work appears regularly in the Portland Mercury, and he has also done stuff for the Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon, Willamette Week, Portland State Magazine, Tender Loving Empire, and Sock It To Me Socks, to name a few. His work has also been exhibited in Portland art galleries such as Grass Hut, Floating World Comics, The Sequential Art Gallery, and Launchpad Gallery.
BT likes to bike everywhere, and is constantly making stuff.