Awesome New Murals at the IPRC!

After months of work, IPRC volunteer and membership coordinator (and excellent artist) Lori D. finally unveiled her new murals for the IPRC’s perfect binding room today.

“They’re the biggest paintings I’ve ever made,” says Lori, who hauled the two works to the center wrapped in three layers of garbage bags to keep off the rain.

The not-so-glamorous unveiling

The murals are tableus from the days when the IPRC stood for “Independent Pioneer Resource Center”—in one, a long-john clad cowboy hauls handmade books from a well, in the other, hardscrabble types consume flapjacks and zines while a yeti looks on.

A hearty breakfast! Flapjacks ‘n zines.
IPRC regulars check out the new murals

You should come check murals tomorrow at their official wine and snacks unveiling for First Thursday. Stop by the IPRC anytime from 6-10 pm.