Art Opening: Tender Buttons

Sandra Gibbons is a comics artist, writer, and reader who lives and works in Portland. She grew up in rural New Jersey and fled west to attend Evergreen State College. She has been poring over Tender Buttons for years now.

OBJECTS from Tender Buttons features work from an ongoing comics-adaptation of the book Gertrude Stein first published in 1914. In Tender Buttons, prose poems where conventional syntax, grammar, and fixed meaning are lost in abstract meditations on color, form, and everyday objects. The book has enjoyed healthy controversy for nearly a hundred years, as a foundational cornerstone of experimental writing.
Sandra Gibbons borrows Stein’s literary abstractions and expands them in the realm of comics. She responds to the poems through her own lexicon of imagery and experiments with meaning and sequence. The series stands as an act of love for a challenging and fascinating book.

This show marks the publication of OBJECTS from Tender Buttons, released by FLASH+CARD and c_L, two local small presses.

Free and open to the public!