Advanced Screen Printing 1

*With training for studio access
*Purchasing a personal screen highly recommended for this workshop
Description: The advanced screen-printing class will cover the techniques necessary to produced a well registered, two-color screen-print. Participants will learn advanced printing skills, such as registration, advanced output film/stencil making techniques, the use of split-fountains, and working with ink additives to further expand their screen-printing abilities

Class runs from 11-5pm

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$50 members only


RC Screen Shop & Supply Company
Website: (link this)
Phone: (503) 972-7911
Address: 4630 SE 26th Ave, Portland, OR 97202
*$25 & up Aluminum framed screens, quality & price recommended

Blick Art Materials
Pearl District/Portland, OR
*For ink, ink additives, registration acetate, paper
*Highly not recommended to purchase screens here, very low quality for price

Terns & Burton Co.
*For register pins (cmyk and high detail registration)

$50 members only