August 2010: A.M. O’Malley’s The Empire Builder

A.M. O’Malley is the IPRC Program Coordinator. Ms. O’Malley has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and Social Work A.M. O’Malley knows that the small is just a metaphor for the large, in the same way that veins are just metaphors for the branching limbs of oak trees and ferns uncurling in the springtime are just metaphors for the milky way. She knows that everything is just a metaphor for something else, and that life follows just a few patterns, really, and she likes to discover these patterns in zines, garbage, and the crisp warm feeling of clean sheets, fresh from the dryer, which are really just a metaphor for grandmothers, and places where there is enough sun to dry your laundry on the line.