1,000 Words, Origin Stories: A Type and Share Event


Come to the IPRC on Saturday, November 14 and get ready to get writing on a vintage manual typewriter. Curator Melissa Favara will provide 20 working machines and four writing prompts—with prescriptions and constraints—aimed at creating four fresh, fully-fleshed 250 word pieces on the theme of Origin Stories (the proverbial 1,000 words). The space and the machines will be open for writing during the 5-7 window. At 7:30, we will begin the show: four featured readers will join the day’s participants in reading responses to the prompts, and intermission music will be provided by musicians who have written songs using the same prompts as the writers. Join us for a literary rock show in analog: write, read, listen, and explore the IPRC.

Writing: 5-7

Reading, 7:30-9:30


Free and open to the public!