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Upcoming Calendar

Graphic Design Package

7:00 pm
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
7:00 pm

Plunge in to the world of layout and design with this value packed series of classes featuring Mac CS6 power! We are offering Beginning InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Advanced InDesign e-books and Websites 101.

Day One,
Illustrator: Learn the basics of making a face for your projects! Illustrator is the best program to design covers for your books or records, posters and flyers for your event or project, the basic look of your web-page, or packaging for the things you make. Come to class to with a project in mind and learn how to utilize this program to help you make the most of your ideas.

Day Two,
Photoshop: Learn to touch up your photos or create an entirely new universe using Photoshop! Topics include: importing, moving, and reshaping images; overview of toolbar and functions; layers; vector masks; image effects; intro to ImageReady (Photoshops web design software.)

Day Three,
Beginning InDesign: Put down the glue sticks and scissors and learn to use Adobe InDesign, a powerful page layout and print design program that allows you to create and deliver printed documents or multi-page books that are both attractive and effective. This one-session workshop will get you rolling with InDesign. Improve your workflow with time- and sanity-saving techniques like multiple master pages, nested character and paragraph styles, advanced typesetting skills, pre-press, and more.
Adv. InDesign and eBooks

Day Four,

Final Overview: In this special class we’ll overview the interconnections between Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and designing for the Web. This wide-ranging and free-wheeling session will help you connect these powerful design tools together to truly level up your creative game. Come prepared with questions about anything and everything we’ve covered so far!

$110 members/$175 nonmembers

All classes from 7-9pm

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The Switch

7:00 pm



The Switch is happy to host Amy Berkowitz from San Francisco and Portland’s own Ashley Toliver.

When: Friday, October 9, doors at 7 pm, reading at 7:30 sharp. FREE

Where: IPRC, 1001, SE Division, PDX

Amy Berkowitz is the author of Tender Points (Timeless, Infinite Light, 2015). Her writing has appeared in publications including Dusie, Textsound, and Where Eagles Dare, and on the VIDA blog. In 2014, she was a Writer in Residence at Alley Cat Bookstore & Gallery. She lives in a rent-controlled apartment in San Francisco, where she is the founding editor of Mondo Bummer Books and the host of the Amy’s Kitchen Organics reading series.

Ashley Toliver is the author of IDEAL MACHINE (Poor Claudia, 2014). Her poems have appeared in Caketrain, Front Porch, PEN America and Third Coast, among others. A Cave Canem graduate fellow, she currently lives in Portland, Ore.by Amy Berkowitz

Print Package October

11:00 am
11:00 am



This is a weekend long intensive covering the beautiful print methods we have here at the IPRC.

Day One: Letterpress

Day Two: Posterpress and Screenprinting

Class Descriptions:

Intro to Letterpress
Learn to set movable lead type and print on a table-top hand press in the IPRC print shop. You’ll learn the vocabulary of printing and typesetting while getting a feel for this beautiful and historical process. Leave the class with a printed card and the satisfaction that comes with using 100-year-old equipment! Successful completion of this one-day class allows IPRC members access to open studio print hours so you can keep on printing!


Create impactful large scale prints in this class focused on IPRC’s diverse collection of wood type. Gain advanced skills on our two large format poster presses while exploring the unique impression quality achieved with wood type. You’ll learn about the history of wood type and how it is made with a hands-on demonstration of wood type created with a DIY pantograph router. Leave the class with two large collaborative prints and a deeper appreciation for this historic art form.

screenprint images

Beginning Screenprint:
In this class students will get to print a one-color design on paper they bring to class. Students must bring two copies on a transparency of their image. The image must be black and white only; no gray tone (half tone dots or cross hatching lines are fine but no washes) and sized as they would like it to print. If there is text, the image should be right-reading or positive-to-positive. We will discuss screens, coat screens, expose the transparencies on screens, wash them out, and print! Students will take home their prints. After taking the IPRC screen-print class, students will also have access to the IPRC screen-print studio during open studio hours.

Taken a la carte this would be a $300 weekend. We offer it as a package to members for only $100 and to nonmembers $175

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Registration Policy Workshop Registration Info

+You may register for a workshop online at iprc.org, or in person at the IPRC.
+You may cancel your reservation within 7 days of a workshop for a full credit.
+If a workshop is canceled because of lack of enrollment, you’ll receive a 100% refund.
+Members receive first listed price in course descriptions.
+Youth (8-18) receive member-price for any non-youth workshops. Please contact with questions regarding age appropriateness.

IPRC Typewriter Jam

4:00 pm


1st Annual Portland Type Jam

Saturday October 10th, 4-9pm  @ IPRC FREE!

The inaugural Portland Typewriter Jam has everything any typewriter aficionado could ask for! The event includes an exhibit of unique and rare typewriters, a typewriter clinic with demos for repair and cleaning and attendees walk away with their own typewriter-themed art print. FREE!

Janine Vangool: The Typewriter: a Graphic History of the Beloved Machine

Sunday October 11th, 7pm @ PSU Shattuck Hall

IPRC and Design Week Portland are co-sponsoring a presentation by Janine Vangool of Uppercase Magazine  for the release of her latest title: “The Typewriter: A Graphic History of the Beloved Machine”

WordPress for Artists

6:00 pm
Covering the basics of setting up & maintaining your own WordPress Website or Blog.  This overview workshop will review everything a beginner needed to produce a WordPress website from hosting & domain setup, reviewing the functions of the WordPress Dashboard and best practices to keep your site safe & secure.  Students will be encouraged to follow along and craft their own temporary basic & simplified site during the workshop.
Instructor Will Fries is a Facebook Strategy Expert and Managing Partner of The Business Dept. a technical agency providing operational & digital support to Portland’s creatives.
$30 members
$45 nonmembers

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Open Collage Night

6:00 pm
6:00 pm


Come and join us for a low-key, high-fun collage night. We supply magazine, collage materials, some scissors, glue and ambiance. Come and make new paper cutting friends! Hosted by Lesley Harper, Kevin Sampsell, and A.M. O’Malley.

Free and open to the public, donations gladly accepted.

Every 2nd Wednesday the IPRC

Advanced Screenprinting: Two Color

12:00 pm

*prerequisite: Beginning Screenprinting
*Purchasing a personal screen highly recommended for this workshop

Description: The advanced screen-printing class will cover the techniques necessary to produced a well registered, two-color screen-print. Participants will learn advanced printing skills, such as registration, advanced output film/stencil making techniques, the use of split-fountains, and working with ink additives to further expand their screen-printing abilities


RC Screen Shop & Supply Company
Website: www.rcscreenshop.com (link this)
Phone: (503) 972-7911
Address: 4630 SE 26th Ave, Portland, OR 97202
*$25 & up Aluminum framed screens, quality & price recommended

Blick Art Materials
Pearl District/Portland, OR
*For ink, ink additives, registration acetate, paper
*Highly not recommended to purchase screens here, very low quality for price

Terns & Burton Co.
*For register pins (cmyk and high detail registration)

$75 for members
$100 for nonmembers

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Book Arts: The Basics

12:00 pm


Learn all of the fundamentals of traditional book binding. In this one day HANDS-ON class held at the IPRC in Portland, you will create 3 books using the basics of bookbinding, including hard and soft covers, Japanese stab, and saddle stitch. You will also receive a manual with information on book anatomy, binding tutorials, and tools/materials resources.

All materials and tools provided, just bring something to take notes.



$50 members
$75 nonmembers

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Beginning Screenprinting

5:00 pm


The introductory screen-printing class will cover basic screen-printing techniques. Participants will learn stencil making techniques, learn how to coat, dry, burn and wash out screens as well as how to set up the print station and printing techniques. Attendees will leave with a single layer print.

Taught by Katherine Spinella


RC Screen Shop & Supply Company
Website: www.rcscreenshop.com (link this)
Phone: (503) 972-7911
Address: 4630 SE 26th Ave, Portland, OR 97202
*$25 & up Aluminum framed screens, quality & price recommended

$75 for members and $100 for nonmembers

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Bindfast 5: The Perfect Bound Journal

6:00 pm

Using the Bind-Fast 5, you can bind as many as 30 softcover books per hour. In this class we will be learning to bind with blank journals, exploring paper options and playing with design ideas. Completion of this workshop authorizes IPRC members to use the Bind-Fast during supervised binding hours, so you can take your publishing projects to the next level.

Each student will leave class with a freshly bound blank journal! Feel free to bring materials from home to experiment with, various sizes are possible!
Cost: $50 members only
Taught by Megan McCarthy

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Upcoming Calendar

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