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Upcoming Calendar

Human Resources 101

9:00 am


HE for Owners and Managers

Book Arts 101 (A two-session class)

6:00 pm
6:00 pm

Learn how to hand bind all of your book projects yourself. In this two day class held at the IPRC in Portland, you will learn traditional methods of bookbinding, including the multi section all-along stitch, Japanese stab stitch, and saddle stitch. You will learn how to make different types of hard and soft covers as well.

Buy tickets for Book Arts 101 (A two-session class)

$100 for members $150 for nonmembers
(includes all materials and includes a book binding starter kit to take home.)


Self-healing cutting mats

X-acto knives or mat knives

12”-24” metal rulers

Sewing needles

Binder’s thread


Metal awls

Double-sided tape (Nichiban brand)



Book cloth

White glue (Elmer’s)/PVA

Acrylic brayers

Binder clips


Bone folders/scorers

Weird Allan Krapow Presents: Karaoking Portland

7:00 pm


Weird Allan Kaprow is an American critic, assemblage artist, parodist, and pioneer in the development of conceptual karaoke. We are Erin Charpentier, Zachary Gough, Travis Neel, and Sharita Towne. Our first public presentation was Karaoking the Museum which delved deeply into the social and material history of art works on display at the Portland Art Museum. Our second project, Public Apology Karaoke, put the public back in public apology, inviting the audience to reenact their favorite public apology, sing an apologetic song, or offer an apology of their own. 

For our third venture, we will be artists in residence at the Independant Publishing Resource Center July 20th – 31st working on Karaoking Portland. During that time, WAK will be using the studio to write songs and make videos, make prints and song books, meet with collaborators, and share skills with other IPRC members. The residency will culminate on July 31st in a raucous Karaoke event. 

Karaoking Portland uses the participatory form of karaoke to celebrate/share/explore the social, cultural and political histories of the city. Portland issues/topics/sites are matched with pop songs, whose lyrics are rewritten to reflect or reveal contemporary and historical narratives. The new, site specific combination of karaoke and the art of spoofing pop music engages the audience in a playful way, inviting them to sing along, tell stories, and celebrate together in public.

Our working process involves collaborating closely with relevant artists, organizations, historians, and community members to facilitate song writing about neighborhoods, topics, or issues specific to their areas of interest or expertise. We then develop a multi-media experience for the event which involves producing unique karaoke videos, designing songbooks, and crafting a stage for the project.

Printing Possibilities: Alternative Image Creation with Letterpress

12:00 pm



Learn to create imagery on a letterpress with alternative printing methods. This class is designed to expand upon traditional letterpress printing by exploring techniques other than hand-set type. Students will learn methods for quickly flooding the paper with color, texture, and imagery. An experimental approach will be taken to allow printers to create freely and spontaneously. These techniques are great for producing background texture to support additional content, but may also stand alone. Students will learn several techniques and create a small edition of prints employing one or more of them.

Open to all students, but prior completion of Intro to Letterpress is highly recommended.  



Children of Medusa

7:00 pm
chapbook release and reading
7pm August 1st
Celebrating the release of her second chapbook, Rhea Wolf will be joined by Amanda Englund other kick-ass women for this reading and reception. Children of Medusa explores the intersection of violent cultural and personal histories with modern parenting. Copies will be available for purchase. Stay for snacks, beverages, conversation, and birthday cake! (It’s Rhea’s 40th birthday too.) More info at RheaWolfAstrology@gmail.com.medusa constellation

Graphic Design Camp August

7:00 pm
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
7:00 pm


Plunge in to the world of layout and design with this value packed series of classes featuring Mac CS6 power! We are offering Beginning InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Advanced InDesign e-books and Websites 101.

Day One,
Illustrator: Learn the basics of making a face for your projects! Illustrator is the best program to design covers for your books or records, posters and flyers for your event or project, the basic look of your web-page, or packaging for the things you make. Come to class to with a project in mind and learn how to utilize this program to help you make the most of your ideas.

Day Two,
Photoshop: Learn to touch up your photos or create an entirely new universe using Photoshop! Topics include: importing, moving, and reshaping images; overview of toolbar and functions; layers; vector masks; image effects; intro to ImageReady (Photoshops web design software.)

Day Three,
Beginning InDesign: Put down the glue sticks and scissors and learn to use Adobe InDesign, a powerful page layout and print design program that allows you to create and deliver printed documents or multi-page books that are both attractive and effective. This one-session workshop will get you rolling with InDesign. Improve your workflow with time- and sanity-saving techniques like multiple master pages, nested character and paragraph styles, advanced typesetting skills, pre-press, and more.
Adv. InDesign and eBooks

Day Four,

Final Overview: In this special class we’ll overview the interconnections between Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and designing for the Web. This wide-ranging and free-wheeling session will help you connect these powerful design tools together to truly level up your creative game. Come prepared with questions about anything and everything we’ve covered so far!

$175 members/$225 nonmembers

All classes from 7-9pm

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Intro to Letterpress

11:00 am

Learn to set moveable lead type and print on a table-top hand press in the IPRC print shop. You’ll learn the vocabulary of printing and typesetting while getting a feel for this beautiful and historical process. Leave the class with a printed card and the satisfaction that comes with using 100 year old equipment! Successful completion of this one day class allows IPRC members access to open studio print hours so you can keep on printing!

Registration Policy Workshop Registration Info

+You may register for a workshop online at iprc.org, or in person at the IPRC.
+You may cancel your reservation within 7 days of a workshop for a full credit.
+If a workshop is canceled because of lack of enrollment, you’ll receive a 100% refund.
+Members receive first listed price in course descriptions.
+Youth (8-18) receive member-price for any non-youth workshops. Please contact with questions regarding age appropriateness.

Cost: $70 members only
Buy tickets for Intro to Letterpress

The Switch Reading Series: Tolbert & Gray

7:00 pm


The Switch is proud to announce a reading from Anastacia Renee Tolbert, and Portland’s own Robert Duncan Gray.

Anastacia Renee Tolbert is a queer super-shero of color moonlighting as a writer, performance artist and creative writing workshop facilitator. She has received awards and fellowships from Cave Canem, Hedgebrook, VONA, Jacks Straw, Ragdale and Artist Trust. She was recently selected as the 2015-16 poet-in-residence at Hugo House, a place for writers in Seattle. Her Chapbook 26, recently published by Dancing Girl Press, is an abbreviated alphabet expression of the lower and uppercase lives of women and girls. A Pushcart nominee (2015), her poetry, fiction & nonfiction have been published widely. Recently Tolbert has been expanding her creative repertoire into the field of visual art, and has exhibited her painting and photography surrounding the body as a polarized place of both the private and political. This year she has begun a yearlong theatrical mixed-media project in collaboration with the Project Room, 9 Ounces: A One Woman Show: Lately she’s been obsessed with the body & the stories (true & not true) it holds.
Robert Duncan Gray is an English artist currently living in Portland, OR. He is the author of Ticklish Animal (Bone Tax Press) and Immaculate/The Rhododendron and Camellia Year Book (1966) (forthcoming from University of Hell Press). He makes music under the name COLDGOLDCHAIN and recently self-released a cassette tape called READY2bWRONG. He curates and hosts a monthly reading series called À reading.


IPRC Open Collage Night

6:00 pm
6:00 pm
6:00 pm


Come and join us for a low-key, high-fun collage night. We supply magazine, collage materials, some scissors, glue and ambiance. Come and make new paper cutting friends! Hosted by Lesley Harper, Kevin Sampsell, and A.M. O’Malley.


Every 2nd Wednesday the IPRC

The New Privacy: Landman and Young

7:30 pm


SETH LANDMAN is the author of Confidence (Brooklyn Arts Press, 2015) and Sign You Were Mistaken (Factory Hollow Press, 2013). His work can be found in Boston Review, iO, Jellyfish, Lit, and elsewhere. He received his PhD in Creative Writing and Literature from the University of Denver (2013) and an MFA from the University of Massachusetts (2008).

MIKE YOUNG is the author of three books: Sprezzatura (2014, poems), Look! Look! Feathers (2010, stories), and We Are All Good If They Try Hard Enough (2010, poems). He publishes the free online/print literary magazine NOÖ Journal, runs Magic Helicopter Press, and lives online at http://mikeayoung.tumblr.com/ In person, he lives in Portland, OR.

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