Somatic Reflections: Movement & Zine Workshop

Somatic Reflections: A movement, visualization, drawing and writing workshop to explore your inner and outer environment, your body and imagination. No experience necessary. *FREE* Workshop video will be available to watch July 26th at 3pm on Portland Sunday Parkway's Facebook page Materials needed: Enough room to lay down and to move your arms and legs… Continue reading Somatic Reflections: Movement & Zine Workshop

Confronting Toxic Productivity

In this iteration of their extremely popular training Toxic Productivity and the Creative Cycle, Marina Martinez-Bateman is bringing healing from toxic productivity into the workplace. New exercises, new skills, and new outcomes tailored to toxic productivity in the working world. If you are an employee, a freelancer or in a leadership position, Avoid Toxic Productivity and Revolutionize Your Workflow will help you achieve your professional goals without… Continue reading Confronting Toxic Productivity


Workshop Description: making concept, content, and single page zine / 4 page & poster in that je ne sais quoi style. together we will be: selecting a theme to find / curate digital images, using preview to edit images, using google docs to layout a make a single page zine, layout of zine, PDFing to… Continue reading GHOSTING a zine

Virtual Yoga Nidra Benefit

Campfire Studio 318 SE Main St. #135 Portland, OR 97214, Portland, OR

**Update: We have decided to move this event from in person to virtual to keep everyone safe during the current high rate in Covid cases. Join Allie Lyon for a soothing 75 minute Gentle Movement and Yoga Nidra class to benefit the IPRC! We’ll begin with gentle movement to release tension and prepare the body… Continue reading Virtual Yoga Nidra Benefit