The Portfolio Program

Formerly known as the Certificate Program, the Portfolio Program is a yearlong course of study that combines creative writing workshops with hands-on experience in the IPRC’s print studios. Working in small cohorts over the course of three 12 week terms, students create a portfolio of creative writing, 1-3 broadsides, print ephemera, book forms, zines, and art books. To showcase works in progress, students are invited to share during quarterly readings & open studios.

Applications can be found online here

Why You Should Do It

The Portfolio Program is for anyone looking to commit to or develop a sustained creative practice, while building community. Initially designed as a low cost alternative to MFA programs, the aims of the Program are to:

-> prioritize creative process & inquiry

-> empower writers & artists with hands-on experience and skillbuilding

-> equip students with the knowledge to confidently explore the 

IPRC’s studio resources

-> emphasize student-driven outcomes


-> foster creative community

The program includes two years of Studio Membership to the IPRC and classes take place in the IPRC’s historic zine library and print studios. 

We strive to make our workshops student-centered and discussion-based, with curriculum attuned to contemporary discourse in the literary and independent publishing communities. We commit to equity and inclusion as central motivators for our work, and view social justice as inseparable from creative expression. The values of the Certificate Program are deeply informed by the IPRC’s Mission & Equity Statements.


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