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Using a wide range of exercises and materials, the Image & Text track explores numerous ways text and image can come together, giving students a chance to create a body of new work. The class studies poetic and brief narrative composition using exercises and prompts, and considers various ways text can inspire imagery. We practice responding to visual creations in text and discovering different ways words can accompany and fuse with our visual creations. We also consider ways text can become image itself. Whether you are a writer curious to enhance your creative practice or an artist wishing to deepen your engagement with text, this experimental course will open up a variety of avenues for you to use to generate new content.

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First Semester:

  • We will begin a series of textual and visual explorations. The class will receive assignments, each approaching that fusion in a different way. Students will typically be free to solve each mini-problem using whatever visual medium they prefer. Classes will consist of demos, exercises, critique, and discussion of assigned readings. Local artists and writers will visit the class periodically as guest lecturers and engage with students in discussions and critiques.

Second Semester:

  • In the second semester, students will design a larger project to work on independently, with scheduled critiques spaced throughout the term. Students will be able to choose any medium(s) for the final project. Self-study for new desired techniques will be encouraged.
  • The IPRC will provide workshops in printmaking, book construction, and graphic design on class days not spent in critiques.
  • Each student will be assigned an advisor for the term. Advisors are local artists and writers willing to meet with students to discuss their work and provide information about techniques, etc.

Instructor Bios:

Coleman Stevenson is the author of two collections of poems, Breakfast (Reprobate/GobQ Books, 2015) and The Accidental Rarefication of Pattern #5609 (bedouin books, 2012). Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in a variety of publications such as The Portable Boog Reader, Gramma, Paper Darts, Seattle Review, E-ratio, Osiris, Louisiana Literature, Mid-American Review, and the anthology Motionless from the Iron Bridge. She has been a guest curator for various gallery spaces in the Portland, OR, area, and has also taught poetry, design theory, and cultural studies at a number of different institutions there including Portland State University, Mountain Writers Center, The Art Institute of Portland, Columbia River Correctional Institution. She designed the Image + Text track of the Certificate Program in 2015. She creates tarot cards and other divination products through her business The Dark Exact. A collaborative text and image project with Aspen Farer, Doppelgänger Museum, is ongoing.

Aspen Farer is an artist, educator, actor, filmmaker, audio engineer, writer, and game designer. He currently teaches in the sketch comedy writing program at the Brody Theater School where he is also the Communications Director and a regularly-performing member of the ensemble cast. Aspen previously taught at the Art Institute of Portland where he helped develop and expand the curriculum in both the film and game design departments. Aspen’s personal work ranges from sculpture to abstract games to film. He produces private commissions and shows annually in galleries. In 2013 he helped design and produce a museum-wide public geocaching game in the Portland Art Museum involving custom soundscapes, hidden clues and actors playing characters connected to works of art in the museum’s collection. Since 2016 he has been working with Bottleneck Immersive to design immersive games, including an escape-room game created for Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas and an expansive murder mystery for the Overlook Film Festival at Mt. Hood, which took over Timberline Lodge and the entire town of Government Camp for over 48 hours non-stop. Aspen has written and produced several award-winning short films and he is currently working on a feature length documentary about commune life in rural Southern Oregon.

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