Fiction / Creative Nonfiction

The IPRC’s Fiction/Nonfiction track is one of the most innovative creative writing programs in the country, combining graduate-level writing workshops with instruction in book design & production.

Fall Semester 2019:

  • Meets once a week, 3 hours
  • Core Creative Writing Workshop with instructor Margaret Malone.
  • Letterpress Instruction with Instructor Daniela del Mar
  • Visiting Writer TBA

Term projects include the publication of a letterpress printed broadside and the 1st draft of a chapbook-length manuscript.

Spring Semester 2020:

  • Meets once a week, 3 hours
  • Core Creative Writing Workshop with Margaret Malone
  • Book Design Workshop with Adam Monkaba
    • Graphic Design: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
    • Bookarts
  • Instruction in Screenprinting with Erika Rier
  • Instruction in Risograph Printing with Chris Stone and Anthony Wylen

Spring Term culminates with the design, production and binding of a chapbook of fiction or creative nonfiction.

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