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IPRC Member Amelia Harnas on Kickstarter

Hey folks, check out Amelia’s project on Kickstarter at .  She’s raising money to interview an 85-old artist in upstate New York, and then write his biography.  This project and Kickstarter in general are very much in line with the IPRC’s DIY ethos.

Look What’s On Our Arrivals Shelf!

Why, it’s the book Hidden Portland by local artist Carye Bye! Accomplished letterpresser Carye was the first person to churn out an entire little book on our new perfect press binder. It has real glued edges, real beautiful color illustrations and real details on some of Portland’s hidden places. This premiere issue is all about […]

Zine Factory!

Oh man, you should have seen it last week. Member Matt Ocasio has been in the workrooms ceaslessly, it seemed, for the past couple months. And finally last week he showed up right at the beginning of the night for the final step in the creation of his new literary zine <i>The Matter</i> – the […]

IPRC: The Ideal place to make wedding invites

Check out this great video of an IPRC member making her wedding invitations in the letterpress studio.  She uses a combination of lino block relief printing, letterpress and hand stamping, all of which you can do right here in the Center.  We have letterpress classes scheduled through August 2009 and plenty of space left; to […]

Publishing on demand

In a fascinating (although slightly dense) Daily Beast article from January, book industry heavyweight Jason Epstein dived into some contributing factors of the decline of the book business. Neither the faltering economy or unstoppable digital age can solely be blamed for the uncertain future of publishing–urban and suburban migration, publishing backlists,  and business conglomerates  have […]

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